03 Iced Crystals on my window MU.

ponedeljek, februar 06, 2012

And like I promise you, here is my make up with liquid shadow from TE Crystalliced. Its nice inner corner highlight color.
I started with Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over my lid, I applied it with my finger. And then with a small flat brush i applied Ice crystals on my window all over my lid too. I took a fluffy brush and matte brown color from Essence quattro eyeshadow in 05 To die for and i applied it in the outer corner and blend it to crease. On a lower lash line i use shimmery brown from the same palette and Ice crystal on my window. I applied two coats of Bourjois Volumizer mascara.

For my brows i use Wet gloss lash&brow clear mascara.
On face I use:
Revlon color star mixed with Bourjois Healthy mix Foundation, Bourjois healthy balance unifiyng powder, Essence crystalliced liquid highlghiter, Essence bronzer for blondes, e.l.f blush, Sephora Radiance mist.

I think that this kind of MU will be from now on my everyday eye make up look! It suits my blue eyes perfectly! And i really like it!

What do you think?

Do you own any liquid eyeshadow from this TE? Have you made an eye MU look with it? Leave a link to post in comment section ;)

xoxo, Anna

P.s I'm so happy its finally snowing. I think that the landscape looks so nice in winter time, everything is so white and it looks so clean ;), and now I can wear my Dr. Martins boots all the time! wuuuhuuu ;))

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  1. zelo lep makeup :) pa sama sm se tud zelo razveselila snega,končno! :D

    1. Hvala! Ja je bil že skrajni čas,potem bo pa polno snega marca, ko bi jaz že pomlad imela :)

  2. Lep makeup. Zelo naraven in dober za vsak dan. ;) Ušeč mi je.

  3. feel lepo, zihr je v živo zgledal tvoj obraz noro svež in lepo bleščeč. super! =)

    1. Hvala! No sem ga kar ponosno nosla, pa še tisti danmoji grozni podočnjaki niso bili tako grozno vidni :)

  4. have you used Bourjois healthy balance unifiyng powder in 52 - vanila or 53 - beige clare? thanks!


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