One of my favorite polish!

ponedeljek, januar 16, 2012

So a lots of you would expected a red polish here ;) But no, not this time ;)
I really, really like this polish, but i just don't wear it very often and that is just because I need a few hours to started like this polish on my nails. It's always the same story, put it up, don't like it, and if I don't have time to put it off it will stays on my nails till it chipped. I had it up today for 5h and then i just stared to like it. I feel it doesn't suit to my skin tone. Don't know why..
Enough talking let me just show you this gorgeous:
It's E.L.F- Coral ;))

Look at this gorgeous baby pink with a lots of gold shimmer. You just had to love it :) <3

Awwww look at this, isn't it just so beautiful??

If you do a thick coat, one will be enough, but i just prefer 2 thin coats ;) The application is very easy ;).. Its just such a good polish for a little less then 2€. Love it ;)

I think this is my favorite E.L.F polish. Which is your favorite E.L.F polish?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Tale je pa krasen, naslednjič bo ziher pristal v košarici. :D Moj najljubši njihov je pa zaenkrat Champagne, res lepa barva. :)

    1. Jaz ga imam na wishlisti ;)
      S temlem res ne moreš zgrešiti, ker je prekrasen ;)

  2. I bought some elf polish a while ago, but I was very disappointed about their formula, they were too sheer. But I heard that now elf improved the formulas and I'm pretty curious to try them again :)
    This colour is very very pretty, I love the gold shimmer in it :D

    1. I think this one is old more than a year.
      And i don't have any bed experience with their polishes and i think i own now 6 of them ;)

  3. Ful je lep, spminja me na Sleek blush rose gold =D

  4. woooow!!!!!

    Amazing polish!!!!!!!

    Love it!!:X

    Have a nice day ^-^

  5. prelep lak! uf, še en, ki gre v moj seznam želja. postaja kar predolg :D


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