KIKO- 239-Vermilion Red

sobota, januar 07, 2012

So guess what? Kiko polishes have names :). Some of my lovely Followers told me and i check them out. So previous polish is in number 254 and its WINE RED MICROGLITTER. Well i must say this is a pretty good name, 'cuz describe the color perfect ;)

And then i find out name for this polish and its VERMILION RED. My first association was this song, which i really like:
And than i just google Vermilion, 'cuz I'm not familiar with this word. And this is how they describe it at the Wikipedia: "Vermilion is an opaque orangish red pigment, similar to scarlet, but more orange and less red." And i think that you get the perfect picture of how this polish looks like ;). Perfect red shade for me <3 I already love this one and I'm so glad that I bought it! <3

Do you like it?
I just must say one more time, that Kiko Polishes ROCKS! Really such a beautiful shades, texture is perfect, application is perfect, i like their brushes..etc ;)

And just one pic to show you what I'm eating right now. I like this candies...mmmmmm<3

Thank you for all lovely comments, i reach yesterday almost 500 views o.O and a few new followers, so Hello to all ;))
You made my day yesterday! Love you <3

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Oh, je lep! Spominja me na paradižnik=) Čudovito ti paše!

  2. Lep odtenek. :) In čestitke za toliko ogledov. :)

  3. Nice polish!

  4. yesss.lile it :)

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