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ponedeljek, januar 23, 2012

So I finally had some time to choose a winner and to write a few words ;)
I prepare this giveaway for my commentators who write any post comment before the giveaway. I get a few new commentators, but i didn't put them in because it's not fair, that they win the prize and never before leave any comment. So there were 10 enter.
And i wish that I could give a prize to every one, but that would coast me a fortune...:(.. But don't worry I'll go to Italy and buy some new cool stuff for you ;). So the next giveaway will be really soon!

Ok, enough talking....

I choose a winner with, and the 3th comment win!

And the WINNER is........taaaaadaaaaaam.... ELSA P...Congratulations!!
And everybody check her blog out, she has the most beautiful, sweet nails!

You'll get an email soon ;).. But don't worry if you do not respond on it in 24h. You had a whole week time to send me your address, cuz I just don't have time to send goodies to you this week, cuz I work all days...

Congratulations again!

And a big thank to all! stay tuned cuz next giveaway will be soon!!

Love you all!
XOXO, Anna

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