Friday 13th Nails&Eyes

sobota, januar 14, 2012

Yeeey it was first Friday 13th this year. I love that kind of days, I think it's more lucky day for me ;). So i was working in the evening and I have a all day just for me..<3. First thing in the morning i went on massage and to sauna. Then I came home and do myself a manicure and pedicure, face mask... It was so fun ;)..
You all know that I'm in love with red <3.
Everything red!
And i just had lucky the other day when i run in to a stash full of Essence Circus Circus goodies. I just had ti pick a red polish :). What a gorgeous color. And its opaque with only ONE coat!

It's such a funny package. I like it ;). So you get a red polish on one side and on the other side you get red glitter. Hope i can find the Black&gold one to :).
So and this is how it looks like:
Natural light


Natural light

I just love this brush, you can get a perfect application.

And because I went to a work, and I work in a pub, I just decided to do a blue Smokey eye look. We had a Friday party with a lot of fun, dancing, singing, drinking :)..
And here are some photos of Make up:

And Face.

Well I think that Friday was such a good day.. Do you belive in all bed things related do a Friday 13th?

And this time i didn't forget to write down Products that i use:
*E.L.F-Mineral Ifused Face Primer
*Revlon ColorStay for Combination/Oily Skin- 150 Buff Chamois
*Artdeco-Perfect Teint Illuminator-1
*Manhattan- Soft Compact Powder- 0 Transparent
*Essence Sun Club Bronzer -01 Natural
*Benefit- High Beam
*Sleek I-divine Palette in Original(I use the dark blue an light blue, 2nd and 3th color:)
*Catrice LE Bohemia-C04 Be Indiglow! (wet )
*Bourjois-Khol&Countour-Ultra Black
*Bourjois-Volumizer Mascara-01 Noir Miximizer
*Catrice Lipstick-Ultimate Colour-130 Frozen Rose
*Catrice LE Hidden World-Liquid Metal Gloss-C02 Walk On Air
*Sephora- Radiance Mist
If you would like to read a review of any of this products please let me know ;))

And I'm in LOVE with this song:

OMG I'm listening to it for a 2 days now, non-stop ;)
Am I just so strange that can listen song on a repeat for a days ;)). Anybody else do that? :O

Well, what a long post.. Uffff...
I really hope that you like it ;))
XOXO, Anna<3

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  1. Modra senčka ti fuuul paše =) Pa ime Sleek paletke si zamešala;)

  2. Awww hvala! Nwem kk mi je to ratalo :)

  3. Zelo lepo si poslikala MU. Modra ti prav lepo paše. :)

  4. jaa tale duo je pa res lep! popolna rdečkota! <3
    mu je pa tut ful lep, in modra ti super paše!


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