Champagne Skin Care ;)!

nedelja, januar 01, 2012

So if you still have some Champagne from yesterday, is the best way to use it, for skin care ;)
I know it sound crazy, but bealive me Champagne is very good for your skin ;))!

*Champagne is good detoxifying cleanser or more like toner. Champagne or Sparkling wine is wine infused with Carbon Dioxide that's why contains bubbles;)
*It's good for skin because it helps detoxify the skin and fights free radicals.
*Champagne is not bad for your skin because of the alcohol! Most drugstore toners contains around 20-60% of alcohol! But Champagne contains only around 14%. The alcohol that is in Champagne is from the fermitation of the grapes and it contains antioxidants from grapes, which helps fight free radicals.
*The Tartaric Acid which is a by-products from the fermitation proces help lighten skin and even out skin tone.
*Bubbles helps constrict pores and makes your skin feel light and provides that radiant glow.
*This treatment is good for normal and oily skin.

I just love this photo!

This time i use Pinq rose Champagne, but i recommend to use basic Champagne 'cuz it works better! I unfortunately had just this one in mini size :(.. But better this than nothing!

Pour a little bit of Champagne in a small dish and use a cotton pad to soak in!

And then just wipe it all over the face after you clean your face!
The pad will pick up a lot of dirt and oil! You will be surprise how dirty the pad will be after wiping ;)

Make sure you use a good moisturizer after this!
I just massage into my skin my beloved argan oil! And my skin look so good! ;).. I love this Champagne skin care, you should definitely try it out!

Ok, enough for today, but i'll see you soon!!
XOXO, Anna

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