Rainbow on my nails ;)

torek, december 27, 2011

Hei Gorgeous! ;)

Well Christmas is over, so i thought it's time for more funky nails ;)
I have never try black polish with my Gosh Rainbow, so i thought it's perfect time for that ;)
I use my Orly base and top coat, 2 Coats of Black polish from Depend and Gosh Rainbow, and here it is:

Like it?
I love how Rainbow changes color, from green to orange to red <3

I like my Rainbow more than Essence Waking up in Vegas;)
Awww i just can't stop looking at my nails <3

See the difference?

P.s Do you notice a change in the quality of my pictures?
Yep I bought myself a new baby for Christmas present and it is NIKON COOLPIX P500.
I notice that it works so much better pictures then my previous Olympus, I get what i want in almost first shot, so i will post more often, 'cuz it won't be such a pain to capture the real color.
I will show you in next post different between my new and old camera ;).

See you soon;))
XOXO, Anna

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