My Favourite Hand Care Products!

petek, december 09, 2011

Today i have for you my favourite hand care products, I use them daily. I have really dry skin on my hands and i work in Pub, so i daily was a lot of dishes, so i need some quality products for my hands.
I love my Lush Handy Gurugu its my favourite hand cream ever. Its herbal hand cream with Shea butter, organic Almond oil and a lot of other organic and natural oils and butters. Great ingredients! The same is with Lush Lemony Flutter. I'm using both products now more than a year and I'm just in love with both! <3
But this winter i bought 2 of the new Essence TE hand cream, just because of a nice smell, but then i figure it out that they are amazing hand cream, I'm using this two when i work, 'cuz they were really cheap! Less then 2€ i think. And after i finish washing dishes(couple of time in a 6h shift) I just put on some cream.

On this photo are 2 products that are just for nail/cuticle care. Last month I'm using Alverde nail serum, my nails were in a really bed shape so they need some extra care. I'm glad that i find out thit serum, 'cuz my nail are getting better and better.<3 Anyone using this one too?
And then just a cuticle remover from Essence, remove cuticle really good, and leaves super healthy look to nails.

When i remove polish off my nails with nail remover i wash out all the remover that stays on nails with soap and water. After that i put some serum and massage in with circular motions, leave a minute for soaking in and then i massage in Lemony flutter and leave on nails for about an hour. Then i wash my hands again and put up some polish! If i have a day off, i remove polish and just nourish nails all day;) I love to use my Argan oil on my nails too ;)

So that is just a little bit about products i use and my nail care routine ;)
Hope you like it!

What cream do you use?
If you have your post about nail care please leave a link in comment, i will love to read it!

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Lemony Flutter je zakon! <3 Imam tudi od Essence Winter Edition kremi, vendar opranžni in rjavo, roza mi je bila preveč vsiljiva :)

  2. Jaz imam vse tri kremice od Essence in so super. :D Cepljenje nohtov mi pa kar uspešno ustavi Essence SOS nail care balm, sem kar presenečena, kako mi pomaga, parkrat namažem nohte, pa je že bolje.

  3. Ja, vijoličen - rozast, nekaj takega :) Sem ga kupila iz fore, pa bila prijetno presenečena. :)

  4. Hihi, še ena novopečena Lemony Flutter fenica :P

  5. Mateja ja imam ga še v oranžni verziji, je super ja, samo čez Lemony Flutter ga ni ;))

    .sparkle* super je ane ;)


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