Merry Christmas! *

nedelja, december 25, 2011

Hei Gorgeous!*

Yeeeey and it's finally Christmas!;) So I wish all of my lovely followers and readers Very Merry Christmas.

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Love you all! Thank you for all of your comments i appreciate each one!!.

And now let me show you my Christmas manicure, it was nothing special, but i like it anyway;)

For base i use one coat of Orly- Calcium Sheild, and then i use two coats of Ruby Kisses RNP in color 10 and on a ring finger two coats of E.L.F Black polish. And then i added some Goldfinger with sponge technique, here is the result:

Do You like it?

And i bought for my self the best Christmas present ever ;). I will show you and talk about it in the next post, so stay tuned ;)

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Manikura je čudovita, všeč mi je, da si uporabila kombinacijo rdeče, črne in zlate namesto rdeče, zelene in zlate. Zato je še bolj posebna! =)
    Lepo praznuj, komaj pa čakam, da vidim, kakšno darilo si si kupila. ;)

  2. Hvala enako! Manikura je pa full lepa...še nisem nikoli sprobala te tehnike.

  3. I really like this mani, and most of all how good red and black look together :)


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