I Love Yankee Candels

sobota, december 24, 2011

Hei Gorgeous!*

So my nail are naked at this moment, but i still want to do a post today. I will show you my nails tomorrow, i still have no idea what to put up!
Im going on a Christmas diner to my aunt.
Anyway i always watch favourites videos on Youtube and i saw a lots off time Yankee Candels, and i just wish that i could bought them here in Slo. And guess what, we can buy this candels for about 5 years now, but i just didn't know that since last week.
I went to this shop in Celje(30min away from me)and i bought this:

They are pretty expensive, 20€ for one o.O, but they sad that this candels can be burned for 60-90 hours and i think that's pretty long time.
I love my French vanilla <3 what a good smell. And the best thing about this candels are that the whole apartment smells so good!
What prince have this candels in your state?
What is your favourite smell?

And i wish Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful followers and readers! Thank you!!
Love, Anna

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  1. probaj Christmas cookies...včeraj me je prijetno presenetil :)) Ali pa Cherries on snow če imaš raje sadne vonje.

  2. ooo hvala za ideje ;)
    A se kej cimeta voha v Christmas cookies, ker meni cimet smrdi :O


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