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ponedeljek, december 12, 2011

I admit, For Audrey is gorgeous color, but it look so boring to me ;).. So i have a little fun and add some more things up :

I have nothing more to say, so here are the pic :

What i used on my nails:
*Essence base coat
*CG-For Audrey
*BarryM Pure Turquoise(sponge technique)
*Catrice- It blue my mind(s.t.)
*Depend Black Crackle

And then i just had to do a similar make up! I love the result, but i again had some problems to photograph the make up. I have no idea why it looks so washed out :(

For eyes i use:
*Essence eyeshadow primer <3
*Sleek I-divide palette in Original and Sunset (blue and black color)
*Manly 120 color palette(pale blue and white)
*Essence black eye liner
*Catrice All around mascara

Do you like it?
Do you have any advice for me about photography? How to take good make up photos?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Čudoviti nohti & makeup! <3
    Glede fotografije pa niti jaz nisem expert, ampak pri nohtih mi je najbolj všeč tretja varianta :) Za MU pa probaj slikati direktno, ne od strani, morda se bo bolj videlo :))

  2. lahko samo rečem wwaaww...make up je amazing <3

  3. I like this match: Audrey and dark crackle! Plus, your makeup - wonderful eyebrows!:)


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