nedelja, december 18, 2011

Hello Gorgeous*

Like i promise you;) Here are my GOLDEN nails ;))
I like it a lot! I think you will see me with this nails more often. And maybe with red combo? What do you think?

Isn't it gorgeous?
And I have a new Base coat, it's from Orly-Calcium Sheild. It's nail hardener with Calcium, hope i will like it. And since my SV is started to be sticky I ordered Orly Fast Drying Top Coat. My first impression on this one in not that bad, but definitely does not dry polish as fast as SV! We'll see if i will like this Orly stuff :P
I ordered them on Slovenian online store
Products i use for this mani;).
Ouu and my golden beauty is from Catrice in shade: Goldfinger;)

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Čudovit je in lepo ti paše <3 pa thumbs up za podlak + nadlak, upam da kakšen review :) Sicer pa jaz ostajam zvesta podlaku in nadlaku iz Essence Nail Art linije :) Nadlak je res zakon, manikura mi drži brez problema en teden :)

  2. Zelo lep! Zadnje čase kar padam na zlate barve :)


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