For Audrey*

ponedeljek, december 12, 2011

Hello Gorgeous!

This one used to be my favourite polish color. It's such a beautiful color. And since I'm red polish lover, this one just stand on a shall for a long, long time. And i decided to wear it yesterday. I just simply forget what a gorgeous color this is. I think its perfect for winter manicure with some snowflakes, but that maybe next time...
Its only CH polish that i have. Here in Slovenia CG is pretty expensive. It coast 7-10€. They are just crazy!!
I didn't have any problem with application, I have 2 coats of polish and a base coat and CG Top coat!

So what do you think about this color? Like it!

I have no idea how to describe color.. Minty green with some blue undertone maybe? And i've notice that on different skin tones looks different, there are a lot of swatches of this polish, and sometimes look really greenish, but then looks more blue. Interesting. Do you have blog post about this gorgeous? Please leave a link ;))

Hope your having a great time in December <3
I wish really bed to be snow! Here in Slo we have 16 degrees Celsius its crazy i don't remember that warm December. :S

XOXO, Anna

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  1. O ja, For Audrey je krasna barva, to je bil moj prvi China Glaze lak. <3 Lepo ti pristoji. <3

  2. Amazing colour, I actually don't think I own anything similar to this one :/

  3. Tega laka nimam, imam pa podobne odtenke, tako da ne vem, če ga sploh rabim.
    Kje pa se pri nas dobijo CG laki? V Nami?

  4. Ivana* Enako tud pri meni;) in zaenkrat še edini ;)
    Pa hvala ;)
    Elsa P. Thank you;) Than you need this one :P
    Taya nimam pojma, če jih imajo v Nami, drugače pa na jih imajo ;) Ampak meni je 7 € pač preveč ;)


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