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sobota, december 17, 2011

Hello Gorgeous!*

I'm lately obsessed with Elf. This is my 3th order in 2 months and it's time that i show you products from my last haul that was a week ago. I already tested some products so i'll write a small rewiev on each one.
So here are all the products together.
I order them here. They always have some special offers, and with this order i get free 6 in 1 Beauty to go, what an amazing offer! I'm so excited to try it out really well.

I don't have extra pic of brushes, but i just order another Complexion brush(3,5L), 'cuz i love it for powder. But it happens to be smaller then my first one:S... So strange! And i order Contour brush for eyes, just to try it out. And i like it, its so soft and its good for crease and blending!

Look at this beauty!
So you get in this:
*60 eyeshadows
*12 Lip colors
*4 blushes
*2 bronzers
*1 to go compact
What a great deal! Isn't it?
Look at all this color, you can do black smoky eye look, or warm brown eye look, some more colorful eye look, cold blue., etc..
And i've try out blushes and bronzers and i really LOVE them!

Do you like colors?
I did one black smoky eye and i like the pigmentation, it stays on my eyes all night(and i was working so i sweat a little bit, ?cuz we have a lot of guests that evening, so i had a lot of work). I Like them but i have to try them out a little bit and then you can expect fu
ll review on them!

I ordered 3 lipstick, i already have 2 of Elf lipstick and i like it, so i ordered a fer more.
From left to right:
*Flirtatious(i didn't get broken, but it broke when it fell on the ground, Clumsy me. It's such a gorgeous color, i wear it the other day and its super persistent, love it!)
*Sociable- it's gorgeous red color with some tiny little shimmer in it. its perfect for Christmas evening.
*Captivating- This color i don't like, but maybe it will be good for summer time. We'll see ;)
Swatches of all tree.
This are pretty good swatches the color look like this in a real life too, but if you go on their website, they don't look nothing like this.:S So you basically don't know what color you will get. This is the big minus! And they have some cheap packaging, that can broke easely.
This is the second thing that i was the most excited about. I saw this lip color on youtube and i love it!
Its Studio Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose. A dusky mauve twist-up lip pencil.

Love the color and the formula!

And then my favourite blash from Elf. I broke my first one, so i had to buy another one!
It's in Pink passion, love it!
The last but not least is HD powder.
I like this one, but i'll have to try it more to write something about it.

It gives nice matte look to skin. And it softens the skin.

So that's it!
Do you have any of this products?

See you soon!!
XOXO, Anna

p.s: I have GOLDEN nails o.O .. Are you excited to see this? It's the first time I'm wearing gold polish! So unusual for me! ;))

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  1. Čudoviti nakupi, zdaj upam še na več FOTD-jev ;)

  2. Elf zadevce bi ful rada sprobala, sam brez paypala žal ne gre :(


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