True Love

nedelja, november 20, 2011

hello gorgeous! ;*

Again, long time pass since my last post, but i worked all day and i have no time to write a post.
But here i am again with some gorgeous! Its from Essence trend edition Vampire's Love-03True love. It's the most beautiful purple color i've ever seen. With some tiny shimmer. Need's only one coat for full coverage, but i always do two coats+top coat.
Im still using my Ruby kisses base coat and Seche vite top coat.
I never wear a purple polish but since i own this one, i think i will wear it really often.
I have the grey one too, i will show it to you soon.

Isn't it gorgeous??
Love it!

+ I'm a huge fun of Vampire diaries and Twilight so i love all of this vampire trend edition from Essence. This is the second one.

Do you like watching VD? I'm definitely obsessed with this show, can't wait for new episode, but it will be out in January, long time to wait..:(.. Damon is so beautiful<3...
Do you like all this vampire stuff?

I will talk to you soon;**
XOXO, Anna

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