Sleek haul*

petek, november 25, 2011

Hei lovlies**

I was talking yesterday about my Sleek haul. And today i took some photos of the haul!

But first i would like to say that some products i get for FREE! Thank you online shop ! I get it for free to do some review on them, so when i try them out really well i'll write down a review on all of the Sleek products i own!
I get for free Original I-divine palette, Sheer cover lipstick in Calico and blush from Nude collection in Suede;)) Can't wait to try them out!

Here are all the products together. I get a Foundation try out kit, Eye shadow in Simply Sleek and lip gloss charm for phone for a gift with an order. I ordered in this shop second time and i get free gift with first order too! I have a new wish list and next month i'll shop some more:P
Punce moje ste že kaj nakupovale na tej strani? ste bile zadovoljne?

Well i ordered 3 I-divine palette: Sunset, Oh so special, Storm. (I already try them yesterday, i will definitely show you a make up look soon!) Let me quickly mention that the first impression is great! They are well pigmented and stay in a place for a looong time;)
and a Blush in Rose gold what a wonderful color! i fell in love with this blush!

Let me show you some photos:

Well that's all for today.
When i try products well i'll write a review for each!
And expect more eye make up on my blog now on cus i need to try out all of the I-divine palettes, can't wait!
Are you excited?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Supr nakup! Paletke so čudovite <3

  2. Original in Oh so special sta moji naj naj paletki, brez njih ne vem kaj bi. Rose gold blush je tut tak da res skor povsod paše. Calico šminka pa na meni izpade zelooo smešno.
    Drugače pa Sleek je zakon!


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