Brown Eye Make-up

sobota, november 26, 2011

Hello gorgeous!

So for Thursday's job i had this brown make-up! We have a party for girls, Martini drinks, and 2 men with no shirt's ;)) Let me show you one photo from a party:

Yap, that's me;) i'm no longer longhair blonde! What do you think about my new color and haircut?

Although i worked i had a lot of fun!

And let me show you my brown make up:

I used a mix of brown colors from all of my sleek palettes, and i must say that i'am really satisfied with the quality of the shadows! The make up last all night! For my shadow base i used Essence I<3stage eyeshadow base.
What do you think? Like it or not?

My camera washed out a little bit of a color.:( it was a bit darker.

I'll do some make up today too and i'll show it to you tomorrow!
On my nails i have some dark polish, nothing interesting to see.

Have fun darlings!
XOXO, Anna

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