Red is new black!

sreda, oktober 12, 2011

Hello gorgeous!*

I survived the first training in fitness!! yeeey ;) And it was great! A friend explained everything to me, the training lasted for about two ours +a little break. I feel great now, but im very scared what will happend tomorrow. I think i will feel pain in every muscles in my body.

I bought myself RED cracked polish from Depend! Love, love, love red and red nails! So i put up dark red+ red Depend cracked effect.
What do you think? Like this combo?

Lately I'm obsessed with cracking polishes;) as you can see;) Love the effect!

Have fun girls!
XOXO, Anna

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  1. Vau, bas je super, ja sam to radila sa crnim - crni crackle na crni lak al ovo mi je jos bolje, odlicno izgleda

  2. O, zakon! Tole moram pa preizkusit ASAP!


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