ELF-Mango Madness #D17

petek, september 23, 2011

Helo Gorgeous!

I have so many idea for new posts and so many photos, but no time for write them :S
You can soon expect an article about my hair care, about products I use. I have a new haircut now for a almost month, i have cut my hair on short, because i have so damaged ends, and now i change my hair care routine a little bit.

But for now i haven't show you my last ELF nail polish Mango madness... Here it is:

Aplication was very easy and here on photos are two coats of color. Polish didn't chip for 3 days and it would probably survive some more days but I got bored of it and I got a very cool idea for a new manicure, that i will show you tomorow.

My dear girls if you have any wish what would you like to read on my blog please let me know! ;)

XOXO, Anna ;)*

Thanks to all who read me and all the commentators, your comments really mean a lot to me!

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  1. 3 dni pa brez krušenja? Perfect :D Pa še lepa barva je.. ;)

  2. Prelep je, čeprav dvomim, da bi pri meni zdržal 3 dni. Ponavadi se mi začnejo laki krušiti že takoj naslednji dan, ne glede na uporabo nadlaka.

  3. Taya saj se meni tudi, sploh če delam. Tukej sem pa vse 4 molela od sebe in se učila, tako je zdržal več dni;) je pa tudi od nohtov odvisno, meni se trenutno sploh ne cepijo in lak dlje zdrži;)


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