Trip to Velika Planina

petek, avgust 19, 2011


Few days ago i went to Velika Planina with my mum and sister, we have some wonderfull time, with nature, cows and sun(I got sunburns:S, again..)
Here are something about Velika Planina copied from HERE:

Velika planina is high mountain plateau in foothills of Kamnik-Savinja Alps where is best-preserved herdsmen settlement in Europe. Most usual and also the fastest access is with cable car from Kamniska Bistrica where is parking place. When you arrive to the top it is possible to use chair lift that conveys you to the Gradisce. A little further from there you can see wonderfull view of herdsmen's settlement and on the other side high mountains peeks (Grintavec, Skuta, Brana, Ojstrica, Planjava, Lucka Baba, Kamnisko sedlo ...). On plateau is about 140 cottages and all are made by plans of senior of Velika planina cottagers, architect Vlast Kopac. Rich Alpine flora of grassy slopes, Carst sinkholes, larches and pine trees create fairy landscape that is suitable for all day trip. On plateau we can rest by the chappel of Marija Snezna or walk down to the cave Vetrnica that is accessible by circular path. There are in fact two caves: Mala (Small) and Velika (Big) Vetrnica that are connected by natural bridge. Caves are consequences of limy world where you can find snow still in summer months. On western border of plateau (Zeleni rob) is picturesque natural window Luknja. There are a few mountain huts on plateau: Domzalski dom, Dom na Mali planini, Domzalski dom Mountain Hut ... In winter there is settled ski slope that offers us winter beauty and good skiing.

I'we been on Velika Planina for the first time and i was impressed by the nature. We walked almost the entire plateau, but to the top, we ride by cable car.

Let's go on some photos:

View from chair lift..

Little kitty playing with my backpac, at the lunch place.

No, we don't have purple cows:P

Pastoral houses

Black&white cow ;)

Carlina acaulis
View on Mountains

Have you ever been on Velika Planina? Did you like it?
Do you like reading no beauty posts? Posts about nature?

p.s i have some new polishes to show you;) see you soon;)
XOXO, Anna

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