I'm BACK...+NOTD(pic heavy post)

četrtek, avgust 11, 2011

Hello my dear readers**

Hope you are well-spent these two months. I given some more atention to my nonvirtual life, but i miss bloging. I read all of your post's,
I noticed some new followers, and if i don't follow you back yet, just leave me some comment, and i will come to see your blog and if i like it i will defenetly follow you;). And During this time I got quite a few new things and slowly I will show you all. But I fell in love at first sight in a new beauty: ELF:Pink Passion nail polish . Beautiful pink color with plenty of soft golden shimmer. <3
I don't have have much experience with ELF nail polishes, but i have
3 of them for about a year and i never use it. Now i orderd 3 new, and i must say the other two don't look so exited in bottles, hope it will be differnt story ones i put them up;)
Ok, go on some photos:

Look at this fine gold shimmer:
So what do you think?
Do you like ELF products?
I saw 2 weeks ago special offer everithing 50%off, and i orderd some new cool stuff that i will show you really soon..

Now i need to go to bed, i have work in the morning and i must wake up at 4 o'clock..:S
See you soon
Have fun
XOXO, Anna

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