Im BACK! With Essence-sun club-01 BBC PINK HEAT!

petek, maj 20, 2011

Hej guys!
So sorry for not posting that long time, but i was really busy to organise my life. I get myself i new job and its time to start study hard!
today i went to muller and fall in love with this gorgeous polish from essence TE Sun club. Color is just wonderful but I don't know how to describe it.
I prepare some reviews for you, stuff that i love or hate;) So im back and i will post more! Promise!

What do you think?

I must say that is really summer color, i love it! Here in Slovenia we have Spring now and i love it! A lot of sun and a a little more hot weather. Its time for skirt and dresses! Wiiiii:D
If i don't destroy my mani today on my work(im weitress and i work a lot with water so my mani destroy really fast :/) i will added some konad tomorrow. Or maybe my black crackle polish.

Have fun lovlies!

Talk to you soon;*

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