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sobota, april 09, 2011

Hei lovlies;)

Aaaaaa its such a wonderfull weather here in Slovenia <3 I just love sun and the hit.
Do you like summer or winter? I defenetly love summer and i don't like winter, because is cold al the time. And sun gives me so much energy. Like i promised you, for today i have one more polish from Essence Blossoms etc. TE
The color is gorgeous! But aplication is really bad. i Have a lot of problems with this one. On pic are 2 coats. It contains a little shimmer that you can see it on nails too, not just in the bottle.

Clik on pic. I don't know why but this one look really bad on blogger size:O

See that little shimmer<3 love it!
So what do you think? Do you own this one?

Have+ fun lovlies,

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  1. Glede nanosa tega laka sem ti odgovorila že na mojem blogu - probleme sem imela le s tem, da ga nisem mogla na tanko namazati, zato sem nanesla dva debelejšiva sloja.
    Drugače pa je meni tole prekrasna barva, odlična za pomlad. :)


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