Essence Blossoms etc... 05-Forget-me-not

sobota, april 02, 2011


Like i promise yesterday, i have one gorgeous for you today. Its from essence TE Blossoms.
I have 4 polish from this TE and liquide blush and powder. I will show you all in a next few days;)
I must say that a love powder, but i haven't try blush yet.

Ok enough talking, lets go to pictures:

I can describe color, is something between blue and lilac. At one moment its more pastel blue but then is more lilac. But its wonderful anyway. I love the color.

It needs 2 coats for full coverage.
I used my LCN calcium base, then 2 coat of color polish and 1 coat of Seche Vita.
Look at this shimmer. But i can't see it on nails. :(

All picture was taken on sun:D
And all my new gorgeous together. Im really excited on yellow one.
Which one would you like too see next?

What do you thing? do you own anything from blossoms etc TE, and do you like it?

See you soon
-have fun, Anna-*

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  1. Prekrasen je! <3 upam, da pridejo v DM, da se uspem dokopati do njih - hočem tega in še lilkota. :)

  2. Čudovit je. Sprva nisem nameravala kupiti nobenega, ampak zaj ko jih pa vidim takole, hočem imeti vsaj 2 =)

  3. Ah, so pretty <3

    Mene tudi zanima kakšen bo rumenko na fotki :)

  4. Tale je najlepši v tej kolekciji. Jaz sem vzela samo tri lake in rdečilo, pudra pa več ni bilo, za kar mi je malo žal, ker, kot berem, naj bi bil super.


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