I went on a walk yesterday;)

sreda, februar 09, 2011

Hey lovlies.

Yesterday was such a beautifull day! The sun was shinning it was warm, so i went on a walk on the Šoštanjske Gorice.
I will show you 4 pic.

Šoštanj lake: 40 years ago was here a willage Družmirje, but because under the surface we have coal mine and it lead to surface subsidence. Its the biggest artificial lake in Slovenia. Deep, about 80 meters. The region round the lake is all the time changing. I will show you, this pic was taken yesterday:

This one was taken in May 2009:
(sory for bad quality)

And this one was takenin November 2009:
Do you see the big difference? Lake is bigger and bigger. When i was young was this lake a small lake, here was a roud to next village. When we went on a walk it took about an hour to go all around the lake, but now you cant go aroung because there is no road and on some place you cant go near to lake, it will probable take too long to go all around. Sory for bad English, but you will probably get the point;))

Šoštanj TPP:
Some tree, i love this pic!

Whats the weather where you live? do you have snow?
Last year was the same, warm February, but then in March we have snow and cold again:(

And im sorry for not posting much, but i have a lot to study:( my nails are naked for a week now, ind i have no will to paind them, because studiing take all my energy:(

Hope to see you soon:*

Love you guys!*

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  1. Zelo lepe fotke!;) Tudi jaz sem bila včeraj na sprehodu in mi je prav pasalo malo rekreacije med učenjem! Btw, vso srečo na izpitih!



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