Ciate Paint Pots

petek, februar 18, 2011

-Heeey lovlies-

Today im a little bit better, but i think i will get im drinking a lot of water and tea with honey.<3 And i already ate a lot of fruits. I have some problem with my blood, i think im anemic again..:((

But here i have some beauty for you... The weather SUCK! I have a lot of problems to capture real color..But i made it! yeeey:)

They have the cutes bottels.

Do you like color? I can't decide if i like it or not:O

It gives perfect coverage with one coat. On pic are 2coat with no top coat. I don't know the price, i own this one for a very long time.

Dear commentators, thanks for all your comments. I am pleased by everyone. I love you.*

Im sending you a lot of love*

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  1. Mislim, da na tvojih nohtih izgleda lepo, ampak jaz dvomim, da bi ga kdaj dala na svoje nohte.

  2. ooo wauuuu....čudovit!!!Ravno pravšnja poživitev za današnji dan :D

  3. res je lep lakec....sam kaj k mam v svoji zbirki že miljon roza odtenkov...hmmm...

  4. Paše ti, čeprav je zame prehuda rozika. :D


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