Some tips how to take care for lips in winter.

torek, januar 11, 2011

Hey everyone.

I have some tips for you, how to take care for your lips. I know that we all have problems with dry skin on lips every winter, but hey, here are some good tips for you.

1. Are you exfoliating your lips with your face scrub?
STOP! You might think sloughing off dry skin helps, but it actually breaks down the barrier needed to lock in moisture. If you really have to do this, than buy some really gentle lips scrubs and use it twice a month or you can do it with some old soft tooth brush.

2. Do you use the right lip balm? Choose one that's petroleum-based.
For hydrate my lips i use only L'Occitane-shea butter(ingredients:butyrospermim parkii) twice a day.
Cinnamates, which scent lip plumpers, can cause irritation. Switch to a fragrance-free gloss.

3. And DON'T bite and lick your lips, that will caus them to get even dryer. Try to resist the habit, and drink plenty of water to keep your skin and lips hydrated.

4. But the best thing for your lips is HONEY! I use it very often, it even help when my lips get really dry. + it's really jummy;)

What do you use for hydrate your lips? Do you have some secret tips? Let me know;)

Do you like to read some advice more often on my blog?

And do you like this post? it helps you?

Thank you all;*
Have fun, Ana<3

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  1. This is really helpful! A girl can't have enough lip care tips! Tnx. ;)

  2. L'Occitane-shea butter: I've tried Neutrogena, Petroleum jelly, Chapstick brand, WD40- you name it, all in search of a good lip balm. They only temporarily lubricate your lips. L'Occitane, however, eliminates the dry lips. I first used this lip balm day and night for just a few days and I saw and felt a MAJOR difference. There was no longer a dependency for lip balm. Even on the days I forgot to apply lip balm, my lips were in good shape. I will never purchase another brand lip balm ever. Now if they just can just reduce the price...

  3. Hej! Hvala ti za taki ful fajni komentar! (: Si mi naredila večer še lepši (:

    Drugač pa nisem čist vedno navdušena nad vsem. Mam dnevno vlka nihanja v razpoloženju, ampak nasplošno pa sem kar, ja (: Ker navsezadnje je vse en velik čudež (:

    Jap, hvala za opombo glede grizenja ustnic :)

    Mir in ljubezen!


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