Maybe i'll never be who i was before. Maybe i don't even know her anymore.

ponedeljek, januar 17, 2011

hey girls
I really like this quote i used in tittle. I have changed since my dad pass away.. I don't care anymore for little things. Now i know that there are some more bigger things in life than to take care for every little frustration. I am now a different preson.

Today was such a beautiful sunny day. And i can't belive how much energy sun gives me. Yesterday I went on a walk with my mum. Have i ever told you that i have the most amazing mum? She is my mum and my best friend too. I love her.

I will show you my old mani...and i hate it...i love black colors, but this nail polish is SHIT! the aplication was horror..

I love that soft finish effect. <3

And that i added White top coat for layering..hmm i really like that effect..The black color is now a beautiful blue with some silver shimmer<3 Don't you love it?

But i think i will never wear this nail polish again.

Do you like it? and do you have the same problem with that polish from essence TE Black&white?

Have fun:*

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  1. Sem vesela zate da se ne obremenjuješ več z malenkostmi...samo nepotreben stres!In lepo da sta z mami tako povezani <3

    Črni laki mi sicer niso, ampak tale+top coat je pa čudovit!Jaz imam doma belega in je tudi grozljivka kar se tiče nanaš ja :) bo pa za kkšn konad uporaben :)


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