Everybody needs PINK in their life.

torek, januar 18, 2011

I really don't like that classic names for posts. so I will from now on have a special names for the post.
It was sunny day again..and i love that. But i know that this weather is not good for nature and our health.

So yesterday that GIRL post about that gorgeous nail polish from BarryM and i had to wear pink too. Since i don't own that BarryM gorgeous i put on my nails Catrice pink nail polish(don't know the name) and i like it.!
It remainds me on summer, that i cant wait to start.
Here are some photos for you;)

So do you like it?
XOXO, Anna*

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  1. Sweets for my sweets? Prekrasen, tudi čisto bonbončkast. :)

  2. Verjetno, da je res ta;) Nekam se mi je skril in zaradi tega ne vem imena..grrr.hehe

  3. Ta je tudi kot en bonbonček, kot je rekla Ivana :) pa še lepo ti paše na roke! <3

  4. mmmm nice! In nohtki in lakec so super <3


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