colors of the rainbow.

petek, januar 21, 2011

Im thinking to get my blog a new name, but i don't have any good idea. I suck. I really like raibows..and all the colors we can find in one rainbow..So maybe Colors of the rainbow can be a new name. But is this name already taken? I have no idea. But probably yes.
What do you think? Do you have any idea? If i choose your idea i will send you a little gift;)

And here is some other thing. Winter depression. I get so depressed and tierd every winter.
But hey, i have some advice how to feel good.
1) I dress myself only in possitive colors. So no black;), Pink, yellow, green, blue, RED..and it helps;) this colors simply gives me so much energy just like sun. And i miss the sun the most. And the hit.
2) Re-decorate. When it’s grey outside, make it bright inside. Add splashes of color to your home with poppy lamps and pillows. Or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, paint your walls yellow for maximum happiness infusion. I have yellow walls in my room. It helps;)
3)Walk, walk, walk. Be outsite with friends,go on a walk with dog, be in nature.
4) Simple: be happy. Do thinks that make you feel good. Go shopping;)
5) Eat a lot of friuts.
6) Don't sleep to long, i wake up everyday at 8, the mornings are beatiful, i drink tea and go out on a fresh air and it wakes me up perfectly. I go to bad at the same hour every day.

Do you have any smart advice how to avoind depression?
Let me knowˇˇ

XOXO, Anna;)

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  1. Colors of the rainbow se mi zdi super ime, sem ga pogooglala pa nisem najdla bloga z istim imenom. :))

    Ti ješ veliko sadja, jaz pa zelo zelo veliko sladkarij. :))) Čokolada je zame najboljše zdravilo. :)


    Men pri depresiji ponavad pomaga dobra družba, če grem vn, mal telesne aktivnosti, pa take fore :)

  3. Ivana tudi tone čokolade pojem;)

    Tilen, tudi meni;) ampak trenutno sem v zelo nedružanem obdobju zaradi vsega slabega kar se dogaja:(


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