Happy new year* and my new years mani

petek, december 31, 2010

i can't belive that 2010 is almost gone. Time run so fast..it was fun year, i made so many mistakes...and i've laernd so many new things..and i will defenetly make some mistakes again, because they were fun!
but this year was so bad for me and my family:( dad we miss you all<3

i really don't like all that bling bling new years mani, so i have my favourite red nail polish+some konad..and i love it <3
for new year i will be out with my girls..and we will defenetly have fun!
i have some wishes for 2011..hope they will come true.
ok enough talking here are some pic:

Manhattan..i think is 45P(they don't have names) i got this one for christmas and i like it;) It's my first manhattan nail polish

chez delaney H9 plate

Do you like it?

All my readers..i wish you all good in 2011! Happy new year!


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