torek, december 14, 2010

Dear readers and commentators;)

How are you?
I'm in a little better mood today. It was such a beautiful day here in Slovenia we have sun all day.
I have some photos for you today. i wear essence-choose me. Woouu i love this color <3

Do i have to say more?

but there is sometinhg i hate about this nail blue my nails-.- even that i used two coat of base coat...grrr

What do you thing? Do you like it?

Have a great evening.


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  1. I like it, looks great on you. :)
    But this polish stained my nails too when I wore it for the first time, but just three days ago I painted my nails again with it.
    I used one coat of base coat, then one coat of Essence Just rock it and over it two coats of Choose me. It totally did the trick for me - it was opaque and my nails didn't get stained. :)


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