NOTD: Million blue bubble

Saturday, July 11, 2015

My nails are in really bed shape lately. And I am trying all sorts of new products to repair them. After I remove old polish with my favourite green Aveo polish remover I washed my hands and then I applied Artdeco Nair repair serum. When it's all soaked in, I then massage my cuticle and my nails with Lemony Flutter from Lush. After a week or so using Artdeco Serum and Microcell 2000 my nails are in a little better shape. A few minutes later I wash my hands again and then I started with nail polish. First one coat of Microcell base coat, then two coats of Essence- Blue bubble di blue and on my ring finger two coats of Catrice- It's showtime. When the nail polish is all dry, I applied Konad pattern from m63 palette. And then I sealed everything with Make Uf Factory Instant Top Coat. Which messed up a pattern a little bit.

And that's it. So let me know what you think about my current manicure ;)

Wish all of you an amazing weekend! And a lot of sunshine :)

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  1. Zelo všečni! <3 Tudi jaz trenutno nosim tale moder lakec od Essence, sicer na nogah. Res so super tile laki, raznovrsnost barv, obstojnost pa je tuki načeloma ok.

    1. Hvala. Se popolnoma strinjam. Na nogah pa meni prekosa kateri koli lak v obstojnosti, če dam iz te linije še podlak in nadlak. Super so :)

  2. Toliko pohval sem že slišala na te Essencove nove lake, da si moram tudi sama omislit :) če prav razumem so v isti liniji še podlak in nadlak? A nadlak je hitrosušeči ali navaden?

  3. Hudo lepa manikura.. (: Ravno tako barvo kopalk sem s kupila. Bo treba it po ta essence lak. Hvala, da vem zdaj kje lahko najdem tak lak. (:


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