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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi Gorgeous!

So girls how are you? I am soooo glad that the warm days finally came. It is such a nice weather, warm, sunny. 
Perfect for all those spring colors :)
On my nails today again Mint me up from Catrice. Lovely mint green with small gold flakies. Perfection. And since I bought some new konad palettes I added konad on my nails.
I think I have such a girly nails. Love them!

I take all this photos with my phone and that is why I couldn't capture the golden flakies on my nails, but they are still visible in the bottle. So sorry for that, but I think even without that manicure looks pretty and I wanted to show you.
What do you think?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Zelo girlie in zabavno, zgleda kot čipka tale konad dizajn:)

  2. ful ful ful so mi všeč <3

  3. Prav lepo si ga poštempljala. :)

  4. Joooj, vedno ko gledam te perfektne manikure se čudim kako vam to uspe?! Meni bi se na pol poti (oziroma po dveh nohtih) že vse sfižilo in pomazalo :). Tako da vau, vau :).


    1. Gita vaja dela mojstra, tudi pri men je blo na začetku vse spacano, ampak sm se dokaj sprifala sedaj, je še pa douga pot do perfekcije verjem :).
      Pa hvala :)


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