Monday, July 30, 2012

Hei Dolls**

So I am again obsessed  with eye make up. Doing it almost every day. So I'll show you my EOTD more. I still have to figure how to take photos of my make up, because on photos make up looks so much worse. I can't believe that's so hard to capture.

Here it is my everyday natural smokey eye look I made it with Sleek Storm palette.

So what do you think?
Like to see more EOTD? Maybe some tutorial? Let me know!

XOXO, Anna

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  1. I have the same problem taking Pics of my Face/Makeup, But I like these post too, I vote for more. :)

    1. Thank you. So it will be more ;)
      If I practice, practice maybe some day I will know how to take good pictures ;)

  2. Jaz sem že obupala nad slikanjem svojga makeupa. Do zdaj mi je ratala samo ena slikca, haha.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Meni so že ratale prej. Ampak je blo od 50 glih 1 uporabna :) Vaja dela mojstra, bom vadla, da bom en dan mojster :) In pol bom pametno delila svoje nasvete :)

  3. Lušten <3 In ja, vem kako težko je slikat makeup :(


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