Gold is a new black.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I see that a gold is really popular this year. Nails, jewelry, clothes, make up...more sparkly more fashionable! And then i just see this photo on weheartit and then I put gold on my nails too! And I love it ;))

Well I don't have a lot of gold polishes and I definitely need a foil gold polish, but this one is gorgeous too.
You can see how short my nails are..:S
*OPI base and top coat
*Catrice-650 Goldfinger

So what do you think? Like gold things?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. Jaz nisem glih neki fan zlatih stvari, sploh ne nakita. Kar se tiče lakov, pa že tu pa tam, ampak zlatega raje uporabljam za nail art. Je pa tale Catricev lak zelo lep.

  2. Zgornji prstančk mam, samo je srebrn.mi je nekak lepši. Pa zlat lak mi je tud ful lep, nevem zakaj ga tko poredko nosim :/


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