White& Pink

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I was never into white polishes. I think that I always had a hard time to make them look good on me and to get a good application. But the other day I just run into a Catrice LE Hidden World and i fell in love with this gorgeous white polish. Its not classic white. Its a shimmery one with a hint of silver. Its just a gorgeous color and i love it! Today is the second time I'm wearing it o.O .
Its called White and Seek.
I just want to wear a baby pink today, but then i stood in front of my collection and i just pick up this white again. And because I just wanted pink nails so bad I decided to do a white& pink nails ;)

I love, love, love this combination! <3
The pink crackle polish is fro Depend. ;)
I think i never showed you my right hand so lets do it this time ;))

What do you think?
Do you wear white polishes often?

XOXO, Anna

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  1. zeeeelo lepa kombinacija :)

  2. Sicer imam bel lak v svoji zbirki ampak ga nisem še nikoli dala na nohtke :P ubistvu se niti ne spominim zakaj se mi je zdel nakup dobra ideja hihi...verjetno za mešanje :P

    lepa kombinacija <3

    1. No tudi moj prvi beli lak je čakal zelo dougo preden je prišel v uporabo, pa še to pod rdeč crackle. Mislim, da so super podlaga za razpokančke:)

  3. Pretty :D I actually own just one crackle polish and I'm not able to use it XD This pink one is gorgeous, I need it! :P


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