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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Dear Followers/Readers! ;)

I wish you the most crazy, funny, successful, healthy, happy, in love 2012. Make all your secret wishes come true! ***

This is the best opportunity to thank you for all the visits, comment and kind wishes at difficult moments in 2011 ;) I love you all! You are the best followers, and i can tell you, that i planning a giveaway in January or February this year, just to thank you a little bit ;). This giveaway will be for one of my lovely commentators. So you can enter only if you ever comment any of my post on my blog ;).
Source of all pictures that aren't mine is weheartit.com ;)

So how was my New years eve? I had a lot of fun with my dear friends and boss ;). We had a private party at our bar ;) Let me show you some photos:

Fireworks ;)

Me and friends ;)

Year 2011 was really hard year for me and my family, i lost my dad in the end of 2010, and then in a start of 2011 i lost my grandma, and 14 day ago i lost my grandpa..:( I just didn't celebrate Christmas for 2 years now and i didn't want to celebrate new years but my friends almost forced me and Im glad they did, cuz i had a lot of fun ;)... Thank you <3
Hope 2012, will be better year for my family and me, I just wish i don't lose another person that means something to me. And I miss my dad the most in this holiday season:((...

Anyway year 2011 was good too ;) I met my new boyfriend, and i hope we will stay together for a long time, I love him so much..<3

Well ones more: Happy new year! ;***

XOXO, Anna

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  1. happy new year :):):) Lepe fotke:)

  2. Ajoj, iskreno sožalje za atija, babi in dedka. :( Upam, da se ti bo leto 2012 dvojno oddolžilo za vse neljube dogodke v 2011 :))

    Srečno novo leto! Veliko sreče, zdravja in seveda ljubezni! :))

  3. Upam, da bo letošnje leto boljše zate! :) Tudi za mojo družino 2011 ni bilo ravno najboljše.

    p.s.: Pa ne da sva someščanki? :D

  4. Mateja a si po ognjemetu prepoznala, hehe ;)).. Si iz Ve?

  5. sožalje :( upam da bo s časom vse skupaj lažje. ti predlagam da pogledaš na youtubu posnetek:
    (zanimivo pa tudi sama sem prebrala veliko psiholoških knjig na temo smrti in posmrtnega življenja in mi je bilo malo v uteho pri izgubi bližnjega)
    upam da ti bo leto 2012 prineslo veliko novih lepih izkušenj!! :)

  6. Passing fancy hvala!
    Ja sem videla par dni nazaj...Sem se zjokala ko otrok, sam mal ti pa odleže...Kakšne knjige pa si prebrala? Se mogoče spouniš naslovou?

  7. Anna. srečno 2012!!!Upam da ti to leto prinese veliko lepega :*


Thank you for your lovely comments! I really appreciate them! I read all! <3