Sinful colors

Friday, January 21, 2011


How are you guys?
Tooday im going to show you two gorgeous nail polish from Sinful Colors. They are a beautiful violet and red/pink colors with little gold shimmer that show all the beauty only on sun. And i had a big luck to take this photos on sunny day.

Kismet elatet and Morph del rio. I like the right one more.

so what do you think about this two gorgeous?

On pics are two coats of polish, but i can still see white tips. They don't give full coverage.

Have fun guys!
XOXO, Anna;)

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  1. wauuu :) meni je ta bolj všeč Kismet elatet (saj je to ta ki povleče na vijolčno?) :) kje pa se sploh dobi Sinfulčke?

  2. ja to je ta vijolčni;)
    joj nimam pojma kje sem jih naročala, jih imam že več kot eno leto sigurno. So pa smešno poceni bli, mogoče 2$, ampak, vem da je pa poštnina ubijalska in sem zato samo 3 naročala.

  3. amazing colors<3 check it out hope you like it:)posted new outfit:)x

  4. Love the pearl look of the nail polish...very pretty!

    Liesl :)


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