Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hey guys:*

I know its a while since my last post, but i have a really bad time this autumn, my dad pass away on my birthday. I am really sad and i miss him so much. That's why i don't have any will for writing.

But yesterday i was so boring here in Ljubljana and i went shoping. I fall in love with this beauty Catrice nail polish-280 Lonson's weather forecast. It's such a beauty grey color with a really little silver shimmer. But here in Ljubljana it's raining and its so dark that i couldn't take good photos of this beauty, you can't see shimmer but you can see the real color.

So my dear readers what do you thing? Do you like it??


I add some konad...Flowers..because i miss summer so much.

I have a bonus photo for you;)
Its a view on a Ljubljana castle, i can see it trought my window. this photo was taken i week ago, when it was snowing.

have fun;*


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  1. Odtenek je čudovit in ti zelo lepo paše na nohte!<3

    In žal mi je za tvojega očeta...upam da čimprej posije sonček v tvoje življenje in te razveseli!

  2. Joj sožalje ;(
    drugače pa je lušten lakec.

  3. Sožalje za očeta! Bodi močna!:(((

    Kar se tiče pa lakca - i love it!!!

  4. Sožalje tudi od mene! :( *hug*

    Super lak in res si ga lepo pokonadirala! :)

  5. Joj, moje sožalje....Ne se predat....

    ...Lepa manikura in prav čaroben razgled v tem pustem sneženem dnevu


Thank you for your lovely comments! I really appreciate them! I read all! <3