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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hey ladies!
How are you?
Well iam a little bit depressive, i haven't see the sun for a while. The weather here in Slovenia in terrible. The wind is very strong and its snowing. Last week i tought the spring began but seems like i was wrong. I really miss summer, the hit and the sun.
So yesterday wasn't my day, i have a fight with my boyfriend and i was in really bad mood, so i made myself a beautiful mani. I really like it^^. What do you thing about mani?

I used Essence-cute as hell pink nail polich and chez delaney m69 plate.

Ladies have a great time, and i hope the winter will end soon:*


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  1. Lepa "girlie" manikura :)

    Upam, da se ti stvari čimprej obrnejo na bolje *hug*

  2. looks great and girly.. =) love it!

  3. Zelo lušna manikura =) izgleda tako punčkasto in nežno <3 Meni je všeč :D

  4. Res je takšna punčkasta (: Tudi meni je všeč (;

  5. všeč mi je:) kičasta, ampak vseeno zelo lepo dodelana manikura:) ...uhh, ko bi jaz kaj takega znala:)))


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